How it works for donors

Tooba allows donors to easily browse through the charitable projects available from our partner organizations, quickly select and fund a cause of their choosing with the simple click of a button from anywhere in the world.

Choose person/project

Choose person/project

Allows users to easily browse through the charitable projects available from our partner organizations, in addition to individual persons in need of your support.

Send funds

Send funds

Quickly select and fund a cause of one’s choosing. Simply add your relevant card details through our secure checkout and link your card for future donations without delays.



Give with confidence. With the simple click of a button from anywhere in the world you can donate any amount and make a difference. Made easy through direct debit/credit card payments and Apple Pay.

Person gets reward

Person gets reward

We track and provide data driven measures of outcomes of each project, and inspiring stories of hope and change made possible by our donors. Receive rewards for your charitable donations.

How it works for funds

Through collaborative partnerships we provide an innovative solution that facilitates donations to projects and communities globally in a safe and reliable manner.

We Partner Together

We Partner Together

We onboard partner funds which give us access to their relevant project initiatives.

We Raise Awareness

We Raise Awareness

We upload these on the Tooba platform, allowing all funds access to a new channel of donors and concept of donating.

We Channel Donations

We Channel Donations

Funds receive donations directly to their designated account.

One evening I read messages in a WhatsApp group which requested for help. I think everyone has come across urgent fundraising announcements at least once in their lifetime. I always wanted to help those in real need, but was sceptical and conscious of fraudsters that loom and take advantage of funds that save lives. That evening, I thought it would be great if there was a platform where we would have only 100% verifiable requests for help. A reliable service you can trust and know for certain that the money sent will reach the addressee.

Ramazan Medzhidov
Founder and CEO of Tooba
Ramazan Medzhidov - Tooba Founder

Our Values


The Mission

We are a passionate team that are deeply committed to our mission. We seek to build trust and create understanding through our work, in order to ensure respect and promote mutual understanding across all human beings. Facilitating the donation process in order to bring aid to as many people and projects as possible, is our greatest drive.



We believe that human connections matter. The collaborations we form, the relationships we build are all part of joining forces and unifying, to create a meaningful impact. When we collaborate together we go further then we ever could alone.



We are dedicated to bringing creativity and innovation into play in order to deliver sustainable results. We recognise that by harnessing growth collectively we can achieve tremendous results at the heart of all the work we do together.



We are committed to exclusively partnering with trustworthy organisations to make sure valuable funds dedicated not only reach those in need but are also carefully managed to create lasting change.



At Tooba we do not discriminate against race, religious beliefs, nationality, political agendas or class. Our endeavours are to help all those in need, to relieve any suffering of individuals and to give opportunity to those who can help the most vulnerable in cases of distress.


Dollars Raised

The overall sum of donations made possible by our global network of supporters.


Users Worldwide

We are focused on Tooba’s expansion globally with a mission to unite organisations and donors to help millions of people worldwide.


People we Helped

This became possible thanks to every Tooba user.

Tooba Team

Explore the team behind Tooba who drive everything that we do. We live for the mission, which continually aims to serve and make a difference to the countless individuals and communities we serve.

Ramazan Medzhidov Tooba
Ramazan Medzhidov

Founder, CEO

Timur Sharapudinov Tooba
Timur Sharapudinov


Muhammad Amiragaev Tooba
Muhammad Amiragaev


Justin Borgesius Tooba
Justin Borgesius

Director of Development and Project Coordination in LATAM & APAC

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Irena Basik Tooba
Irena Basik

Director of Development and Project Coordination in EMEA

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Anastasia Fatova Tooba
Anastasia Fatova

Head of Marketing

Magomedrasul Magomed-Kasumov Tooba
Magomedrasul Magomed-Kasumov

Backend Developer

Murad Sultanakhmedov Tooba
Murad Sultanakhmedov

Web Development & Acquiring

Tsamaev Soslan-Beck Tooba
Tsamaev Soslan-Beck

iOS Developer

Baybatyrov Adnan Tooba
Baybatyrov Adnan

Android Developer

Mannanov Azat Tooba
Mannanov Azat

Backend Developer

Gasanov Elbrus Tooba
Gasanov Elbrus

Backend Developer

Murad Gammadov Tooba
Murad Gammadov

Product Designer

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Ekaterina Strelkova Tooba
Ekaterina Strelkova

PR Manager

Asil Bekieva Tooba
Asil Bekieva

Content Manager

Aziz Bairambekov Tooba
Aziz Bairambekov

Marketing Manager

Abushaid Inigov Tooba
Abushaid Inigov

Marketing Manager

Muhammad Kadirbekov Tooba
Muhammad Kadirbekov

Charity Cooperation Coordinator

Amirilaev Gadzhimurad Tooba
Amirilaev Gadzhimurad

Motion Designer

Magomed Daudov Tooba
Magomed Daudov


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Tooba. Help Easy!

During the year of its existence, our app has gained the trust of users and has become an effective way to do good deeds for the benefit of society.

Tooba Supporters

Meet the people who love what difference Tooba makes. From first hand experience to the profound personal effects it has on those creating lasting change.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Tooba

Khabib Nurmagomedov


It is a piece of good advice to everyone who wants to help those in need, because there not just many people in the world but VERY many who need a our help. Please believe me, Tooba is the best charitable platform, and even more so convenient. You may check it out yourself to confirm my words are true.

Arman Davletyarov Tooba

Arman Davletyarov


For my anniversary this year, I decided that the best gift for me would be if my colleagues, subscribers and friends do charity work on this day in the Tooba app. I think it is very important to know that you can help quickly, easily and reliably. I posted a link to this application in my profile, which means I completely trust him. Of the many charitable projects, this one resonated in my heart. And I wish that every day we wake up and do good things together with Tooba!

Damien Fleury Tooba

Damien Fleury


Through your donations you are changing lives one step at a time. With Tooba it is all elegantly simple to donate, giving us the chance to contribute to something meaningful all around the world at the press of a button.

Sergey Romanovich Tooba

Sergey Romanovich


My acquaintance with Tooba happened during a pandemic, when the app was collecting food packages for low-income families. At that moment, without a shadow of a doubt, I urged my subscribers to join the good cause on Tooba. Because trust in charity is priceless. And for this project it is one hundred percent!

Lucas Foresti Tooba

Lucas Foresti


One of the most important things is to see first-hand how far one’s contribution goes, and how meaningful it can be to the people who receive it. Helping with Tooba has really inspired me profoundly and helped me connect to facilitate another’s journey in life.


Find helpful answers to questions we receive all the time.

Your full contribution, 100% of funds donated go directly to the verified charity fund linked to the selected project of choice. We constantly strive to make sure the funds donated are used responsibly and as efficiently as possible. All donations are saved in your history log within the application.

Your confidence in our work is extremely important to us. We have established stringent reporting procedures to ensure contributions transferred are spent in accordance with the project plans. Donors will be notified about their contributions to their selected projects and give you up to date news on its progress and successful completion.

Tooba does not take any commission. All contributions are directly transferred to the selected charity organisation.

Your card can be easily linked to your application profile following your first donation. Once completed you will be prompted to add the selected card to your Tooba profile, where it will be saved for future donations. If you have Apple Pay, then simply select one of your cards for payment, its that easy.

Tooba does not store any of your card details. It is handled by reliable payment provider, who provide us with necessary tokens for you as donors to make recurrent payments. Your data is securely handled by reliable payment provider.

On the Tooba application one can follow both Active and Completed projects. A full progress report of the individual projects, the value of donations and number of contributing donors is highlighted.

Latest Articles

Find resources and information about Tooba. This page is dedicated to press releases from credentialed journalists covering news associated with Tooba on the many communities and projects it has a first-hand impact in.

Interview with Tooba Founder

"Arguments and Facts": Interview with Tooba Founder


– The most important thing I know: everyone has a sense of good. It is innate, and everyone needs to satisfy it. Even the evil one – he is kind inside.

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The Service where the money sent will reach the addressee

"Yandex.Zen": The Service where the money sent will reach the addressee


Funds that connect to us also accept payments via Chekout – we are committed to ensuring that Tooba partners work with our strategic partner.

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Takie Dela: Paradise tree from Dagestan

"Takie Dela": Paradise tree from Dagestan


Tooba has another indisputable advantage – safety. This is to the question "why the application, and not the site", which is likely to arise in many.

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Tooba Partners

Tooba. Help Easy!

During the year of its existence, our app has gained the trust of users and has become an effective way to do good deeds for the benefit of society.

Our Requisites


Requisites of Charitable Foundation «Nadezhda»

Full name: Charitable Foundation «Nadezhda»
Short name: CF «Nadezhda»
Legal address: 367013, Daghestan, Makhachkala, Dzerzhinsky st., 17B, office No. 606
Postal (Actual) address: 367013, Daghestan, Makhachkala, Dzerzhinsky st., 17B, office No. 606
Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 0571000615 / Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP) 057201001
RCBIC 040702615
Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1120500000323
Russian Classification on Objects of Administrative Division (OKATO) 82401365000
Russian Business and Organization Classification (OKPO) 30549999

CEO Gadzhizharaev Timur Omarievich
Account for funds transfer: Acc. at Stavropol branch No. 5230 of PJSC Sberbank 40703810560320103087. RCBIC 040702615. Corr. acc. 30101810600000000615.